Sports Premium

Nether Edge Primary School

Sports Premium Rationale

On 17th July 2017 the Department for Education confirmed that the Primary PE & Sport Premium will double from September 2017. The DfE has made the following statement:


“The DfE understands that schools are keen to know how much funding they will receive so that they can plan for the next academic year, and are seeking to communicate high level principles in preparation for the new academic year. These will be announced in due course, however, we can confirm that all schools will see an increase in their premium allocation.”

“The Government is committed to ensuring that all schools are fairly funded and that money is invested in the most effective way. After careful consideration, we have therefore decided not to proceed with the proposed healthy pupil’s capital programme, in order to provide more money to schools through their core funding instead. Schools can, of course, choose to invest their core funding in PE and Sport.”



Nether Edge Priorities 2017-18


1, To engage all pupils in regular physical activity – kick – starting healthy active lifestyles.

Pupils will have 2, 1 hour PE lesson every week.

To train and recruit a number of sport leaders who will target inactive children during lunch and break times.

‘Active lunchtimes’ – A wide variety of lunchtime activities available to ensure that all children have the opportunity to be active during their break times


2, Increase the profile of PE and school sport across the school as a tool for whole school improvement

Full time PE specialist hired to teach and promote PE across all Key Stages.

PE and Sport used to help promote positive behaviour amongst the pupils

Increased competition throughout the school day – lesson, break times and extra-curricular.


3, Increased confidence, knowledge and skills of all staff in teaching PE and sport.

Increased level of CPD for staff.

Increased confidence and subject knowledge in the teaching of PE.

Majority of lessons taught by teaching staff

Use of Curriculum Milestones for PE

Support and individual CPD from PE Coordinator


4, Offer wider experience of a range of sports and activities offered to all pupils

Yearly curriculum cycle, reviewed regularly/

Resources are purchased to support the teaching of PE and replenished when required.

Wide variety of sporting activities on offer out of hours learning.




Sports Premium – Projected Spend 2017/18


Total Number of Pupils on Roll (2017-18)




Total Amount of Sports Premium Received


Total Amount of Sports Premium Spent





Details of Provision

Intended Group

Rationale & Impact



Links School Sport Partnership

Whole School

To enable participation in competitive sporting events, staff training sessions, young leaders training and curriculum support.

£ 3504


Specialist PE teacher

Whole School/Staff

A specialist PE teacher has been employed to assist with the planning and delivery of high quality PE lessons across the Key stages.



Restock PE & Sport Equipment


Whole School

Purchase additional equipment and renew old equipment which is damaged and does not meet health safety requirements. This will allow teachers to have access to a range of equipment to challenge and stimulate children in PE lessons.



Transport (Competitions & Sport Events)


Whole School

Allow children to participate in sporting competitions across Sheffield and attend sporting events outside Sheffield.



Facility Hire

Whole School

Due to a lack of space on school site, we will need to occasionally hire out local facilities



School Sport Federation Membership

Whole School

Affiliation to the SSF allows the school to enter city wide competitions




Extra-Curricular Clubs





Long term impact

Boys Football Training




Girls Football Training




One Nation Sports Club




Girls Dance Club






External Events








Autumn 2017

Sport Leaders Training




Rowing Competition




10 Pin Bowling Competition




Boys football Match









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