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New Uniform and School Logo

Thank you to everyone who fed back a few weeks ago using the survey link about the proposed new logo / uniform. The feedback was really helpful and has helped with the process in school.

We have also spoken with the vast majority of children throughout the school about proposed changes to listen to their thoughts and ideas.

From both parents and children we have had a range of opinions, and thoughts. Also, some very helpful ideas.

The vast majority of children think that this logo is the best one to represent our school now and in the future. Their views included:

- It shows we are friends

- We all work together as a team

- We celebrate diversity at our school; diversity in many ways including religion, beliefs and none; ethnicity; strengths and abilities etc

- It is colourful, just like our school!

- There is a flower in the middle that shows how we are growing together (I didn’t see this to start with but think it is a wonderful idea!!)


The uniform colour will change to navy from September. It will be navy blue. The reason for this is that navy is much easier to find for families as it is more readily available (and therefore cheaper).

In response to feedback, the following will be in place:

- Children can still wear old style uniform in September until families are ready to buy new

- All children in receipt of Pupil Premium funding will receive a new navy jumper with logo for September (if you think you might be eligible for funding and haven’t filled a form in, please let us know)

- School uniform style navy jumpers WITHOUT a logo can be worn

- We are exploring the best way of recycling old uniform (although this can still be worn until new ones are needed)

- The rest of the uniform will be the same

- We will have individual logos available for anyone who would like to attach them to plain navy sweaters

Thank you for your support as always

Any questions or queries, don’t hesitate to contact me at school