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The Nether Edge computing curriculum is evolving, meaningful and carefully planned. Through both a proactive and reactive approach our children are taught the fundamental skills and knowledge required for their future in this ever evolving online world.

Our children acquire the essential fundamental computing skills, crucially including how to stay safe online, that enables them to successfully become equipped for their future which will inevitably include online use in a range of guises.

A stimulating and carefully selected progression of topics, ensures that children have the opportunity to transfer and build upon on computing skills over time.  The curriculum is well planned and carefully sequenced which enables children to secure learning in their long term memory.

We want our children to be:

  • Competent: They have successfully acquired a wide range of computing skills (fundamentals and online safety strategies) that they can transfer to a variety of different contexts online, including: databases, multimedia, coding and technologies in our lives.
  • Confident: Through the thorough teaching of fundamental skills, our children are confident to apply these skills to evolving contexts as and when they arise.