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Our geography curriculum builds essential geographical knowledge and skills children will need now and in their future. Through carefully sequenced progression of learning, children’s geographical knowledge is built on and remembered over time.

A strong understanding of the UK, countries and features of our world are the foundation of our geography curriculum. This is paired with opportunities for children to make detailed comparisons, understand and use geographical sources and consider a range of impacts on our natural world. Therefore, our curriculum enables our geographers to have an in-depth understanding of our world and how various human and physical features may impact it. Progression of this knowledge over time builds geographers who can think critically, problem solve and understand how they can have a positive impact on the world. We ensure that careful attention is paid to regularly revisiting knowledge, key concepts and vocabulary so that the learning is consolidated and progress is maximised.

We want:

  • Reading supporting geographical understanding;
  • Children who can articulate well through speaking;
  • Children who aspire to understand and care about the world they live in;
  • Geography curriculum teaching to alter children’s long term memory.