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Physical Education

Our Nether Edge PE curriculum is designed to meet the requirements set out in the National Curriculum (2014), as well as take into consideration the context of our school and community. The curriculum is taught by Qualitas Sports Coaches, alongside our teachers to optimise learning opportunities. Our PE curriculum aims to instil an appreciation for the importance of physical activity, as well as developing a lifelong love of sport. Maintaining healthy lifestyles is also woven through the curriculum offer. Each lesson allows for opportunities for talking and a focus on oracy and vocabulary. For example. Children explaining how to apply the skills they have been taught.

The curriculum is founded on ‘running, jumping, throwing and catching’, ‘competitive games’, ‘flexibility, balance & control’ and ‘dance’. The curriculum progresses year on year through these key teaching areas, meaning skills, knowledge and technical strategy build and develop over time. At the end of each half term, the knowledge and skills are put into practise in a ‘house competition’, for example, a bench ball competition in Autumn 2.

Our curriculum also develops children’s attitudes to sport, as well as appreciation of all who participate, meaning equalities, fairness, empathy and drive for success are at the heart of everything taught. We aim to build physically and emotionally confident children through our PE curriculum. To further develop resilience in competitive sports, all year groups have the opportunity to take part in a sporting competition against other schools. Currently, boys and girls from year 4 to year 6 play in school football team competitions.

Our PE curriculum extends beyond the school day as extra-curricular sport clubs are offered after school. Many of the clubs are planned to match what is being taught during the school day, for example, when dance is being taught in the curriculum, there is the opportunity to do more dance after school. However, opportunities to try new sports are also encouraged, such as tennis in summer term.

We want:

  • Children whose knowledge, skill; and technical ability grow over time
  • Children who can articulate well through speaking;
  • Children who drive for success, while appreciating fairness and equalities in sport
  • PE curriculum teaching to alter children’s long term memory.