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At Nether Edge Primary, we are passionate about the importance of science, encouraging respect for all living organisms, the physical environment and equipping our pupils with the necessary knowledge to contribute positively today and in the future.

Our science curriculum is bespoke to the demands of our school community and carefully sequenced to allow the acquisition of key scientific vocabulary as a basis for knowledge to build incrementally from secure foundations to a deeper level understanding. Matching th expectations of the National Curriculum, the science curriculum embraces a love of learning and taps into our pupils’ innate curiosity of the world around them, enabling them to observe, challenge, predict, explore, evaluate and, vitally, to articulate and share their questions, discoveries and reflections.

Our NEPS science curriculum is broad, carefully balanced and reflects the the National Curriculum.  Physics, Chemistry and Biology are taught discretely and progressively across four aligned cycles, with a system of assessment embedded throughout. Each aspect of the curriculum builds incrementally and specifically, providing teachers with a clear structure to enable pupils to think and talk scientifically and facilitate regular opportunities to investigate, observe and understand scientific processes.