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Intent Statement

The Nether Edge writing curriculum is inspiring, thought-provoking and knowledge rich. Through a strong and relevant subject knowledge, children develop a flair and lifelong passion for writing that begins in early years and which will empower them as future citizens.

Our children acquire the essential grammar skills, including spelling, that enables them to write for different purposes and in a variety of styles and contexts. They become proud and confident writers as a result of ambitious use of vocabulary, exceptional presentation and imaginative thinking.

A stimulating and carefully selected progression of topics, ensures that children have the opportunity to transfer and build upon on writing skills over time.  The curriculum is well planned and carefully sequenced which enables children to secure learning in their long term memory.

We want writers who are:

  • Proud- have a love for writing; can write for different purposes; have exceptional presentation.
  • Skilled- have a good knowledge of grammar and can apply this to their writing; use ambitious vocabulary correctly.
  • Confident- have knowledge secure in their long-term memory.
  • Imaginative- who can use their knowledge and understanding of books to inspire interesting pieces of writing.