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The writing curriculum at Nether Edge Primary School is carefully sequenced to ensure that skills are revisited over time and that children have the opportunity to write in different contexts and for different purposes. We encourage children to take pride in their work and celebrate excellent examples of this.

Our children acquire the essential grammar skills, including spelling. Our retrieval strategy, ‘Remember More’, is carefully planned and sequenced from Year 1 to embed previously learnt grammar and spelling skills. This ensures that learning is secured in children’s long-term memory.

A stimulating and carefully selected progression of topics, linked to the wider curriculum, ensures that children have the opportunity to transfer and build upon on writing skills over time. 

The writing curriculum is planned so that children are:

  • Proud – have a love for writing; can write for different purposes; have exceptional presentation.
  • Skilled – have a good knowledge of grammar and can apply this to their writing; use ambitious vocabulary correctly.
  • Confident – have knowledge secure in their long-term memory and can apply this in a variety of contexts.
  • Imaginative – be influenced and inspired by what they have read and learnt and apply this in their writing.